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At the risk of being accused of exaggerating, I would argue that Jostein Rensel is a complete marketing expert. He excels both as an excellent strategist and administrator while being very creative and conceptual. He is also very competent in what pleases brand building at the same time as he is a skilled graphic designer and web designer.

As if this were not enough, he has a thorough understanding of sales and how to run a business. As I know Jostein Rensel, his typical approach to a project will be to first lay out a clear strategy, but keep things simple, and then set "smart goals", prepare an action plan and implement. I have the benefit of working with someone with greater executive power than Jostein. If you need someone to take care of your marketing and branding, then Jostein Rensel is a safe bet.

On top of all this, Jostein is also a socially engaged man. He constantly builds and maintains a large network and is politically engaged, both locally and nationally. He is also wholeheartedly committed to his family and his congregation. Jostein Rensel is a man of character who is trustworthy. I can without reservation recommend Jostein Rensel for virtually any challenge.

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Martin Aarflot

Former general manager

Mission Aviation Fellowship Norway

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