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We help make the world a better place

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Rensel Creative is passionate about making the world a better place by helping organizations succeed in their plans to achieve their mission and purpose. 

Together we create

Thriving Brands


Engaging Designs


Stimulating Content


Motivating Websites


Improved Visibility

* We use best practices​ for selection of methods and frameworks


  We are constantly searching for the good ideas and storiest that engage and inspire people.


We help make the world a little better!

We exist to help non-profits to exploit their full potential through strategic brand building, concept development and effective donor & customer journeys.


All brands are trademarks, but not all trademarks are brands. Our goal is for brands to become clearer brands that excite and motivate.


It is often about improving the strategies, simplifying the message, making a plan with SMART goals, and not least implementing the plan and make it happen.  

We are happy to take a digital coffee cup to get to know each other better!

Give good advice
Sparring partner
Strategic branding
Fundraising / collection
Make things easy
Donor trips / customer trips
Marketing strategy
Working websites / landing pages
Make simple plans and strategies
Content marketing
Concept development

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Featured brands we help succeed

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All brands are trademarks,
but not all tradmarks are brands.

Our goal is for brands to become achieving brands that thrive and meet expectations.

Do you want help from us in building your brand?

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New logo, profile and visual identity / brand.


AZUN wants to motivate the next generation of tricksters by sharing knowledge about the sport, arranging events and giving them equipment that is specially adapted for tricks and streetfootball. 



AZUN is a sports brand from Norway developed by Anders Solum - former world champion in football tricks. 

We believe that it will give more joy and motivation to either just have the freedom to train disorganized with the ball, or to reach the highest level and maybe become the next world champion. 

When you buy an AZUN product, you support our work to: organize football schools, organize cups, and develop trick competitions for people of all ages.

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Everyone checks the website first! 
There are incredible values in good and functional websites. The front page of the website is similar to a store. It is in the shop window that the brand is introduced and gives a taste of what you can find on the inside.

Featured websites


Web design (responsive / mobile adapted) and implementation station as One-pager (Wix / Editor X). Digital  annual report made easy. This page will be launched in connection with the Business Association's general meeting in March. Has submitted digital annual reports from 2017.



Web design and implementation (responsive / mobile-adapted) in Wordpress / Elementor / Custom. I have worked for MAF in various engagements since 2010 with communication and marketing, fundraising / donor travel, graphic design and concept development.

Websider Skjermbilde 2021-03-10 kl. 00.09.jpg


Web design and implementation in Wordpress / Elementor / Custom. Responsive and mobile-friendly. Comprehensive tailored branding and graphic logo profile on websites. The site launches in week 34. 

Anker 1

Erik Gabrielsen

CEO and partner

Godt Sagt AS

Jostein is a knowledgeable advisor and a good sparring partner for me as general manager. Jostein has a lot of knowledge and experience, and is a team player who has contributed  much to the company also socially. He is a very good man and one you can really trust.

Trude sirkel.png

Trude Ween Rustad

Head of administration
and communication

The business association in the Drammen region

Trude sirkel.png

Trude Ween Rustad

Head of administration
and communication

The business association in the Drammen region

Jostein Rensel has delivered high-quality digital communication material to the Trade Association. Jostein is easy to work with, and is very service-minded both before, during and after delivery. He is creative and solution-oriented, and is happy to come up with innovative proposals. He always delivers on time. I can warmly recommend Rensel Creative.

Martin copy.png

Martin Aarflot

Former CEO

Mission Aviation Fellowship


Jostein excels both as an excellent strategist and administrator at the same time as he is very creative and conceptual. I have the benefit of working with someone with greater executive power than Jostein. If you need someone to take care of your marketing and branding, then Jostein Rensel is a safe bet.

Anders Portrett sirkel.png

Anders Solum

Entrepreneur and general manager

Azun Freestyle

Jostein took me on a knowledgeable journey when we worked out a concept and logo for the Azun brand. Jostein is easy to work with, very service minded and can transfer his knowledge to completely new areas. Jostein is creative and works out a concept that is easy to convey, both visually and in words. Highly recommend Rensel Creative!



Do you have questions?

I like to have a digital chat or meet over a cup of coffee ☕

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